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  • auto1 GPS Data Loggers
    VBOX GPS data logging products vary from the
    10Hz VBOX Mini, perfect for simple testing and
    lap timing; through the SX range which brings
    together survey-grade GPS engines and CAN BUS
    logging; to the 100Hz VBOX 3i which is
    available in single and dual antenna variants,
    and which forms the basis of the VBOX ADAS
    testing packages.
  • auto2 ADAS testing
    With real-time measurements of parameters
    from up to three vehicles and at less than
    2cm positional accuracy, the Racelogic VBOX
    ADAS testing system allows developers to
    easily verify the effectiveness of their
  • auto3 Add-on Modules
    The VBOX range of modules allows Analogue,
    frequency, CAN, and thermocouple signals to
    be integrated into GPS data. A combination of
    module channels can be recorded simultaneously.
  • auto3 Displays
    VBOX displays offer a variety of real time
    results feedback and unit setup. The range
    includes a full tablet PC, to LCD multifunction,
    to speed and lap timing units.


CAN Gateway

CAN Gateway

  • The VBOX CAN Gateway allows logging of vehicle CAN bus data in a VBOX system where secondary CAN modules such as the OLED display or analogue input modules are used.
  • Under normal circumstances, attempting to capture CAN data from a car as well as that from a module (such as the Mini or Micro Input Module) would lead to VBOX and VBOX Module data being put into the vehicle CAN Bus – with unpredictable and almost certainly unwanted results. The CAN Gateway allows for both data streams to be logged by the VBOX Video HD2 without any of the module traffic going back onto the vehicle Bus.

Brake Pedal Trigger

brake pedal trigger

  • Precise measurement of brake pedal application during VBOX brake stop tests
  • The brake trigger event time capture is stored in internal memory and stamped into the VBO file to interpolate the speed between GPS samples which is the key component for a high accuracy brake stop distance calculation.
  • The Racelogic brake trigger interface module it is possible to conduct brake stop tests without employing a traditional brake pedal trigger.
  • This is ideal if the vehicle is already installed with a brake pressure sensor and cannot therefore also use a brake pedal trigger.
  • The interface is connected to the vehicle's high 12V brake light system, and when the brakes are applied, converts it into an active low 0V signal which acts as a trigger event for the VBOX. Connection to the VBOX is via Lemo.

Hand Trigger/Event Marker

brake trigger interface

  • RLVBACS010_Hand-held-brake-trigger
  • The hand-held brake trigger is only active when the button is depressed.

Light Barrier Kit

light barrier kit

  • The Racelogic Light Barrier kit (RLVBACS063) comprises of an optical sensor with power and trigger output connections, a Culman suction mount with a metal mounting plate for the optical sensor and a square plastic reflector plate.
  • The trigger cable from the light barrier unit connects directly with the trigger input of a VBOX and the power cable can connect to any of the 5 way lemo connectors on a VBOX to pickup power.
  • The kit is often employed in drive-by noise tests where volume output must be measured at exactly the same point in every instance.

Laser Light Barrier Kit

laser light barrier kit

  • Consistent logging of event marking and triggers.
  • The Racelogic Laser Light Barrier kit (RLACS189) comprises of an optical sensor with power and trigger output connections, a Bohle suction mount with a metal mounting plate for the optical sensor and 2m of reflective tape.

Start/Stop Log Switch

brake trigger interface

  • Rugged and lightweight switch used for starting and stopping the data logging
  • The switch is a latching push switch that, when in the open position, starts the data logging and when in the closed position stops the data logging.
  • The latching feature eliminates the need for constant pressure to be applied to the switch, ensuring that the driver of the vehicle can keep two hands on the steering wheel.


brake trigger interface

  • Racelogic provide a number of different antenna options, depending upon the measurement system, the type of vehicle being used and the surrounding conditions.
  • Standard magnetic "patch" antennas are suitable where they have an unrestricted view of the sky and a good metallic ground plane, such as a car roof.
  • However, the quality of the signal received can be reduced by reflections from surrounding buildings, trees, and other obstructions. This is known as multipath and can result in increased noise and reduced accuracy.

CAN Splitter Boxes

CAN splitter box

  • The RLVBACS024 allows more than one 5-Way Lemo   connection to be made to one 5-Way Lemo socket on a VBOX.
  • This is most commonly used to allow an RS232 and a CAN connection to be made into the same socket.
  • The RLVBACS024/1 additionally has a Simplex RS232 socket for PC connection in vehicle separation tests.

Digital Splitter Box

digital input splitter

  • The RLVBACS027 enables more than one brake trigger to be used with a VBOX, or a brake trigger along with a start/stop logging switch.

IMU Roof Mount

IMU roof mount

  • For use with the IMU04.
  • The IMU Roof Mount allows for an IMU04 to be placed directly on the vehicle roof, co-located with the GPS antenna.
  • It is the easiest and most accurate method of mounting the unit.

Clip-on CAN Interface

IMU roof mount

  • Tap into the CAN Bus without a physical connection.
  • The RLACS182 provides a quick and convenient way of tapping onto a CAN Bus when recording vehicle signals.
  • Available with either Mini-Din or Lemo connectors, the RLACS182 is suitable for use with most Racelogic systems.

VBOX Power Backup

IMU roof mount

  • Maintains power supply to the VBOX 3i for up to 20 seconds to prevent data loss and the need to repeat system initialisation procedures such as IMU Kalman filter calibration.
  • Undesired power loss can happen during engine cranking, when the vehicle stalls, or the VBOX has been disconnected too early.

5Ahr 12V Li-ion Battery

Li-Ion battery pack

  • A battery pack is especially useful if you cannot access the auxiliary power supply of your car or motorcycle, or if you want to avoid accidental data loss which can happen when the unit is power cycled before the data has been transmitted.