Frequency Input Module - FIM

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Frequency Input Module VBRLFIM03The VBOX FIM takes 4 digital inputs and converts them to CAN.

It is primarily designed to connect to a VBOX GPS data logger and can log any frequency input. For example, ABS wheel speeds.

In addition the FIM03 has a dedicated fuel flow mode designed to make the monitoring of fuel consumption and flow rate very easy to set up and use.

The range of the Frequency Input Module is 0.5-20KHz, and can take TTL, or inductive inputs. There are two modes, a frequency measurement mode, and a pulse counting mode.

The module is configured internally with individual names, scales and offsets for each channel, and these values are then transmitted over CAN.

The Frequency Input Module can also be used in standalone mode which is used to connect to your own data logging equipment.

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